Autumn and Where in the World Have I Been? Part 2

Part 11 If you’re reading this post before reading part one, you can catch up on the first part of the story here…. It was an afternoon not too long ago, I walked through my in-laws home. Alone in the almost empty house, the overwhelming stillness mixed with flashes of memories raced through my head… Continue reading Autumn and Where in the World Have I Been? Part 2


When the Computer Wipes Out Your Post!

I believe my computer has had a mind of its own today! I hit the publish button on my wedding Wednesday post this evening, and instead of publishing it, it wiped half of it out, even though I had saved it. Hmmm, well, that’s a bit frustrating!  I will work on reposting it tomorrow. Until… Continue reading When the Computer Wipes Out Your Post!

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Busy Little Beaver Days and Book Page Posies

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve missed you!  But I’ve been a busy little beaver cutting, gluing, sewing, dyeing, and creating all sorts of DIY items for my daughter’s wedding. I hope to share all kinds of projects this summer! In the next couple of days I’ll share a kitchen project we’ve worked on… Continue reading Busy Little Beaver Days and Book Page Posies

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Giving a Couple Things a Facelift

I’ve been busy this week giving some things a facelift…..the front gate and a leather chair. No matter what time of year, it feels so good to freshen things, doesn’t it? The gate when we moved into this house was really dried out. I knew I had to do something before the winter hit. So… Continue reading Giving a Couple Things a Facelift


The Last Taste of Summer…

I was in Trader Joe’s a few days ago. Seems like I frequent that store at least once a week or more. You know you’re in a store often when other customer’s start asking you where products are located and you know! I must look like I work there!  Anyway, I spotted this “last taste… Continue reading The Last Taste of Summer…


What’s in Your Trunk?

Seemingly timeless but battle worn the weight of the aged steam trunk lid slowly creaks opens, its hinges crackling, unveiling the first wave of mustiness. Each treasure within, has a story to tell, embalmed in layers of its own dust. Once new they, like all, surrendered to the passing of time.  You’ve probably opened up… Continue reading What’s in Your Trunk?