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Busy Little Beaver Days and Book Page Posies

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve missed you!  But I’ve been a busy little beaver cutting, gluing, sewing, dyeing, and creating all sorts of DIY items for my daughter’s wedding. I hope to share all kinds of projects this summer! In the next couple of days I’ll share a kitchen project we’ve worked on… Continue reading Busy Little Beaver Days and Book Page Posies

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Giving a Couple Things a Facelift

I’ve been busy this week giving some things a facelift…..the front gate and a leather chair. No matter what time of year, it feels so good to freshen things, doesn’t it? The gate when we moved into this house was really dried out. I knew I had to do something before the winter hit. So… Continue reading Giving a Couple Things a Facelift


The Last Taste of Summer…

I was in Trader Joe’s a few days ago. Seems like I frequent that store at least once a week or more. You know you’re in a store often when other customer’s start asking you where products are located and you know! I must look like I work there!  Anyway, I spotted this “last taste… Continue reading The Last Taste of Summer…


Seeking: A Fresh Start

A new year, the first day, a clean slate. There is something about beginnings that gives us a breath of fresh air. It’s like inhaling deeply the thin crispness of clean mountain air or opening the door to see a blanket of purest white crystals refreshing everything with clarity and beauty. This year is composed… Continue reading Seeking: A Fresh Start