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When the Raspberries are on Sale

      About this time of year organic raspberries seem to go on a massive sale at Whole Foods. I just so happened to hit the time right and scooped up six cartons of these ruby-red, juicy, bundles of sweetness. Once I was home, unpacking my groceries, I thought to myself what in the… Continue reading When the Raspberries are on Sale

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How I Survive DIY Remodeling

If you are one of those in the crazy camp industrious to do DIY home remodeling, you probably know all too well what it is like living in a construction zone. It’s loud, it’s dusty, it’s unsettling, and it seems never ending. There is no easy way around it. It’s not pretty and it can… Continue reading How I Survive DIY Remodeling

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Lunch with Sweet Pea

Spinach, Kale, Arugula, Green Leafy Lettuce are usually the greens of choice for me, as far as salad goes, but the other day I had lunch with Sweet Pea. I just love the sound of that name, don’t you? It’s what I called my daughter growing up. I still call her that even after she’s… Continue reading Lunch with Sweet Pea

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How We Turned Dated Fluorescent Lights to European Charm.

Eight months ago we moved into a home that was about 17-18 years old. It’s not super old, but old enough to need some updating. One of the things that was first on ourĀ  list (it’s a long list!) was the kitchen, in particular the lighting. It was fluorescent, big, flickered, buzzed and was dated.… Continue reading How We Turned Dated Fluorescent Lights to European Charm.

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A New Happy Love: My Bullet Journal Set Up

I’m a planner by nature, and I’ve purchased one every year for as long as I can remember. But I haven’t always utilized my planners to their greatest potential. In the past, I’ve found they haven’t been set up in a way that gave me enough room to write or  feel inspired. Often they had… Continue reading A New Happy Love: My Bullet Journal Set Up

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Guest Posting Today!

Happy New Year, dear reader! I think I’m finally caught up {kinda sorta} from the holidays, travel, company, and the mound of laundry an old friend of mine calls, ” Mount Never-Rest!” How about you? Slowly, but surely, I am organizing and directing my heart towards the things around my home, and today I’m guest… Continue reading Guest Posting Today!