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When the week wasn’t as planned…

Where do I start when our Christmas week didn’t go the way we’d hoped for? You see that big, ugly cancer word came back into our lives…this for my father in-law. I mentioned back here we were waiting for results and we received them in tears and dread they didn’t come back like we wanted.… Continue reading When the week wasn’t as planned…

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A Tip to Help Your Live Wreath Look Fresh Longer

I’ve always loved the look of fresh greenery more than faux…and you can’t duplicate the wonderful fragrance they give off. Ever since Trader Joe’s came to my city about 10 years ago, I’ve purchased their 22″ fresh Fir wreaths at Christmas time. They’re wonderfully full, usually have a bit of juniper, berries,and pine cones, and… Continue reading A Tip to Help Your Live Wreath Look Fresh Longer

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Autumn and What in the World Have I Been Up To?

Hello there, dear reader! Goodness gracious, It’s been too long since I’ve posted in this little corner of this great, big blog world! I have good reasons though. I do. I really do. But first, have you been fully embracing autumn with all its flavors, sights, and smells…..enjoying pumpkin everything, nestled in warmth, and filled… Continue reading Autumn and What in the World Have I Been Up To?

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Reviving a Swing Memory

I spent the last week at our little cabin in the big woods, which we have finally settled on a name that we all like after two and a half years! Do you name your home and inanimate objects, like your cars, or are we the only strange ones? Mmmmhmmm… Our cabin is officially now… Continue reading Reviving a Swing Memory

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Mid-Year Bullet Journal Update

I can NOT believe this year is half over! This weekend makes the halfway point of 182.5 days, which means we are officially at the half-way point of 2017. At the beginning of the year I decided to join the bullet journal craze, and in February, I shared with you my start-up ideas here. If… Continue reading Mid-Year Bullet Journal Update