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Saving Money on the Wedding Cake and More…

One thing I have noticed over the years helping couples plan their wedding, is that anything attached with the word “wedding” raises the cost of anything needed for a wedding exponentially. It seems as though, you can enter a bakery, find the most beautiful cake on their glass shelves, order that same cake for a… Continue reading Saving Money on the Wedding Cake and More…


When It’s Too Hot to Cook…

Whew, it’s hot!  Is it hot where you are? We are waiting for those wonderful, afternoon, monsoonal rains to start here in the west cooling everything off and bringing rainbows, and filling the air with that amazing smell of rain that I wish I could bottle, but sadly, it just hasn’t happened yet. When it’s… Continue reading When It’s Too Hot to Cook…

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When the Raspberries are on Sale

      About this time of year organic raspberries seem to go on a massive sale at Whole Foods. I just so happened to hit the time right and scooped up six cartons of these ruby-red, juicy, bundles of sweetness. Once I was home, unpacking my groceries, I thought to myself what in the… Continue reading When the Raspberries are on Sale

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Inspiration for a Jane Austen Bridal Shower

Three Saturdays ago, twenty-one of the sweetest of ladies gathered to bless my daughter with an absolutely beautiful bridal shower. Being that my Sweet Pea, is a grad school English major, it was fitting that her shower be a Jane Austen theme. Every little detail was loving chosen from the vintage teacups, mixed and matched,… Continue reading Inspiration for a Jane Austen Bridal Shower

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Lunch with Sweet Pea

Spinach, Kale, Arugula, Green Leafy Lettuce are usually the greens of choice for me, as far as salad goes, but the other day I had lunch with Sweet Pea. I just love the sound of that name, don’t you? It’s what I called my daughter growing up. I still call her that even after she’s… Continue reading Lunch with Sweet Pea

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Homemade Truffles-Trader Joe’s Style

It’s been a busy week since we’ve been back. We had a fantastic time staying with our daughter’s fiance’s family over the Thanksgiving weekend.  We know it’s a rare gift to get along and really enjoy each other…something I hope we never take for granted. What a blessed addition to our family! I had scheduled… Continue reading Homemade Truffles-Trader Joe’s Style

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Setting My Heart on Thanks and Giving

Began the day early this morning to help get my sweetheart out the door to work while it was still dark. Made him a smoothie to go and began baking as the sun came up warming the kitchen. We’re headed to our soon to be son-in-law’s (son-in-love) parent’s home and are so excited as our… Continue reading Setting My Heart on Thanks and Giving