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When the Raspberries are on Sale

      About this time of year organic raspberries seem to go on a massive sale at Whole Foods. I just so happened to hit the time right and scooped up six cartons of these ruby-red, juicy, bundles of sweetness. Once I was home, unpacking my groceries, I thought to myself what in the… Continue reading When the Raspberries are on Sale

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How We Turned Dated Fluorescent Lights to European Charm.

Eight months ago we moved into a home that was about 17-18 years old. It’s not super old, but old enough to need some updating. One of the things that was first on our  list (it’s a long list!) was the kitchen, in particular the lighting. It was fluorescent, big, flickered, buzzed and was dated.… Continue reading How We Turned Dated Fluorescent Lights to European Charm.

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Making Snowballs and 20 Uses

I’ve been making snowballs…yarn snowballs… to add to some sweater stockings I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They’re so fast to make. Here’s a tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed. I used Natural Blend Big Twist Yarn in Winter White. For the different sizes.. Large- wrap around all 4 fingers Medium- wrap around 3 fingers… Continue reading Making Snowballs and 20 Uses

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Homemade Truffles-Trader Joe’s Style

It’s been a busy week since we’ve been back. We had a fantastic time staying with our daughter’s fiance’s family over the Thanksgiving weekend.  We know it’s a rare gift to get along and really enjoy each other…something I hope we never take for granted. What a blessed addition to our family! I had scheduled… Continue reading Homemade Truffles-Trader Joe’s Style

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Before and After: DIY Dyed Leather Chair

I shared with you about a week ago that I was giving a few things a facelift, one being a leather chair…my sweetheart’s favorite comfy chair.  The leather on it has faded over the years. You can see the original color of the leather towards the bottom back and sides, the part that wasn’t exposed… Continue reading Before and After: DIY Dyed Leather Chair

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Super Cozy DIY Pillow Cover

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my cozy DIY pillow here. Pillows with words have been popular now for quite some time and when I was in Home Goods I spotted this really cute “HOME” pillow, but the poinsettia style “O” seemed like something I probably wouldn’t use after Christmas was over.… Continue reading Super Cozy DIY Pillow Cover

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Absolutely the Easiest Way to Bake Pumpkin

Have you ever tried cutting a pumpkin in half only to miss and nearly slice your finger? I have almost every time, until I found the easiest way to bake pumpkins and make my own puree from detoxinista. It’s no stress, simple, and it will keep your fingers in tact and make you say, “Why… Continue reading Absolutely the Easiest Way to Bake Pumpkin