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Do You Know How Much You’re Loved?

I’m reflecting upon this today… Do  I  Know How Much I am Loved, In Christ? ~ He… Calls Me His Beloved His Bride Clean and Pure He Delights in Me I am His Song The Yearning of His Heart Completely Loved to the Fullness of His Perfection Because of Himself Poured Out For I am… Continue reading Do You Know How Much You’re Loved?

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Setting My Heart on Thanks and Giving

Began the day early this morning to help get my sweetheart out the door to work while it was still dark. Made him a smoothie to go and began baking as the sun came up warming the kitchen. We’re headed to our soon to be son-in-law’s (son-in-love) parent’s home and are so excited as our… Continue reading Setting My Heart on Thanks and Giving

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In God’s Pocket…

The closing song had ended and the church service was over when I saw  her maneuvering her walker and determinedly making her way to me across the sanctuary. It was at a slower pace than in years past. Time has a way with all of us. She pulled out a plain, manila folder. In it… Continue reading In God’s Pocket…

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What’s in Your Trunk?

Seemingly timeless but battle worn the weight of the aged steam trunk lid slowly creaks opens, its hinges crackling, unveiling the first wave of mustiness. Each treasure within, has a story to tell, embalmed in layers of its own dust. Once new they, like all, surrendered to the passing of time.  You’ve probably opened up… Continue reading What’s in Your Trunk?