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Reviving a Swing Memory

I spent the last week at our little cabin in the big woods, which we have finally settled on a name that we all like after two and a half years! Do you name your home and inanimate objects, like your cars, or are we the only strange ones? Mmmmhmmm…

Our cabin is officially now referred to as  “The Retreat,” because that is just what it is…a retreat. A retreat back to simpler times, with no TV (though we are adding to a healthy collection of movies we watch) slower clocks, squeaky doors, and cool mountain air days that turn into beautiful sunset still nights.

We worked on a few projects during the week. While my Sweetheart was outside chopping wood for the new wood stove we hope to install next month, and painting the log siding, I decided to undertake a project I have wanted to do for some time. Since he was outside for a good part of the day, I felt now was the time…because in these wild western mountains there are lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, maybe not tigers, but for sure mountain lions and bears, so I wanted him nearby to save me just in case. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl, or something like that 😉

We’ve had this special porch swing for the last 16 years or so.

It was the last gift my parents gave us before my Daddy passed away. It holds such sweet memories…swing memories. When he and my Mom gave it to us, we were living in the house my husband and I built around the time of Y2K.

Gable Hill 1999-2003

The house was a light buttery yellow clapboard siding with three dormers and a three-sided wrap around white veranda. I loved that house.  It was named, “Gable Hill.”

This swing was the perfect gift. Many a long discussions happened about life on that swing and about nothing at all.

When we moved, so did the swing. At the next house, it went under the back porch with ivy flanking the posts on either side…. again life happened on that swing.

When we moved yet again, sadly we didn’t have a place to hang it… not one place, and there was no way we were getting rid of it, for we knew one day we would have that special place to hang it again. It stayed tucked away for several years.

Until, two and a half years ago when we dusted its worn slats off and hung it in the perfect place… the breeze-way at “The Retreat.” It was still the white I originally painted it, but much chippier.

boxwood swing before painting

I kind of liked the chippiness of it. It added to its story, but it just didn’t seem to go with the brown stain of the cabin.

But again, life happened on that swing….long sunset watching, tears, giggles and laughter, engagement pictures, and a sweet moment of my in-laws caught unaware.

mom and dad on the swing

But, its time-worn wood was peaking through and being exposed to the harsh mountain elements and I could just hear my Daddy say in my head, “Dear, don’t you think that swing needs a new coat of paint?”  He always maintained things so beautifully, and had several projects going on around our home growing up. He was DIYing before anyone knew that’s what it was called.

So this past week, was swing painting time. …

boxwood bench swing before

I wire brushed it removing all the flaky paint. Then, hand sanded it with coarse sand paper getting off more of the old paint. I should have used a belt-sander, but didn’t have one with me and we were too far from anywhere to get one. Honestly, I still liked the way it looked somewhat white and chipping…

But, I could still heard my Daddy say, “It needs a new coat of paint, dear.” He’d be surprised at the paint I used, because it’s a girlie paint and fun to work with…not like the days when I was a little girl and watched him clean up, after painting, that thick dank smell of turpentine in the basement as he swished his brushes in a rusty metal can.

I don’t know if he would like this girlie paint, but I sure do.

mms boxwood

I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Boxwood. It was the perfect match to a mountain cabin. It sort of reminds me of those childhood days camping at KOAs. It’s camping furniture color!

After a healthy two coats of Boxwood and a lighter wash of the same, here and there, I sanded it a bit to show some of its original character. I also topped it off with MMS Tung Oil (two coats), since it will be out in the elements for some of the year.

And here is the after of the swing…

boxwood bench swing remodel

It still had some of the white showing through and visible layers, but I like it like that. It reminds me of its original story.

boxwood bench from side arm

It’s a perfect place to read one of my all time favorite devotionals, Streams in the Desert…this one in boxwood color, and a 1925 edition.  I scored it on EBAY for just $2.00!

boxwood bench with devo and peach

I love the view and glow from the setting sun on that swing. It reminds me of God’s faithfulness to close the day and a new one to soon begin.

boxwood swing sunset

I love this new, old swing too…

and hope to have friends join us in a trip to “The Retreat” next month. I know we ‘ll add to those swing memories…

and I  think my Daddy would have loved it too…



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2 thoughts on “Reviving a Swing Memory

  1. what a beautiful project result ♥
    i would have kept the chippy white and slathered
    on a top coat .. but after seeing your MMS choice
    i would have made the same! ascp has a color
    very similar called amsterdam green. love it.
    very campy cozy. and your streams book for
    practically a song of a deal. goodness…!

    1. Thank you! I’ll have to check out that ASCP color. I’m not really a green color person, but it just seems to go the best with the cabin. I’ve got a farm house light on order in the similar color.😊 I don’t think the person knew the treasure they were giving away with that eBay bargain!

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