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Super Easy Wedding Arrows

The phone rang and it was my Sweet Pea shopping on the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby. We did most of our Mama/Daughter wedding brainstorming/shopping via text and phone calls since she was in another state. Thank goodness for unlimited service! Like a Mama, I heard the excitement in her voice. She said she saw… Continue reading Super Easy Wedding Arrows

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Reviving a Swing Memory

I spent the last week at our little cabin in the big woods, which we have finally settled on a name that we all like after two and a half years! Do you name your home and inanimate objects, like your cars, or are we the only strange ones? Mmmmhmmm… Our cabin is officially now… Continue reading Reviving a Swing Memory

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A Bridal Bouquet Toss Alternative

Tossing the bridal bouquet has been a wedding tradition for a long, long time. Apparently, it originated in England with the tradition of single ladies trying to grab a piece of the bride’s dress or bouquet in hopes to gain some of her good fortune. In her protection, the bride would flee and toss her… Continue reading A Bridal Bouquet Toss Alternative

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What to do When Wearing Your Mom’s Wedding Dress isn’t an Option, but you Still Want to..

{photo credit: Captured! Photography} We knew four long months, FOUR LONG MONTHS, before our daughter had the big question popped! Though we knew an engagement was coming at some point, I think our now, son in-love, asked my husband way ahead of time, because he just was exploding with excitement! He was ready to get… Continue reading What to do When Wearing Your Mom’s Wedding Dress isn’t an Option, but you Still Want to..