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DIY Adjustable Floral Wedding Crown: One Size Fits All!


DIY an Adjustable Floral Wedding Crown

For Brides, Bridesmaids, or Flower Girls


{photo credit: Linda F.}


Like I mentioned last week, I’m planning on sharing over the next several weeks, ways in which we DIYed my daughter’s wedding to add beauty, personal touches, and cost savings, which is always a good thing, especially since the cost of weddings can be outrageously expensive!

Today is how to…

DIY an Adjustable Floral Wedding Crown

For Brides, Bridesmaids, or Flower Girls

Floral crowns make us feel pretty, don’t they? They add romance and go with any style wedding…Romantic, Boho, Vintage, Beachy etc. Not only do they add beauty, but this one is super easy to make! It’s made with faux flowers and is a fraction of the cost of real floral or readymade crowns. If you check out Etsy, wedding faux floral crowns run about $30, $50, or $60 plus. You can create your own for less and in the exact colors for your wedding.


DIY Adjustable Floral Crown 2


I made this one for my daughter’s flower girl, but it could easily be made for brides or bridesmaids because it is adjustable. You can make several and be assured they will match and fit everyone.

It’s one size fits all!

DIY adjustable floral crown supplies

Supplies Needed:


To Make:

  • Gather Supplies
  • Bend headband to fit size needed
  • Using your ribbon, and beginning at one end, leave a long tail of ribbon (your desired length) to tie a bow when you are finished. Wrap ribbon snuggly around headband overlapping as you go. Every so often glue a small dab of hot glue to make sure ribbon is secure and will stay in place.wrapping ribbon around headband
  • Once ribbon is wrapped around headband, leave another tail of ribbon on the other end of headband to match the other side. Cut to desired length, keeping in mind to leave enough ribbon to tie into a bow.
  • Next take your hair comb and secure it in place with twine. It should have a slight give to it, but be securely attached at the center of the headband. You can add a dab of glue if needed.attaching hair comb
  • While this is drying, separate out your flowers and leaves, by cutting off most of the stems.  Play with positioning of colors and flowers before attaching it to headband. adjustable floral crown flowes
  • If flower petals separate, glue petals and stems to one another, so they don’t come apart. You don’t want your floral crown falling apart especially since flower girls like to play and jump around while waiting!gluing flower petals
  • Once you know your floral layout, begin by placing a leaf at the very end of your headband, and working your way around, gluing each flower or leaf in place as you go.gluing leaves on headband

*If you are making this into a bridal crown, you can twist a thin white wire, attaching to both ends of the crown, and sew tulle fabric or veil of choice to hang down the back. It could save you a ton of money as a faux floral crown with veil runs about $100.00 plus on Etsy!

Set to dry and that’s it!

Approximate Cost:

  • Headband: $2.99 Target
  • Ribbon: $1.00 Dollar Store
  • Hair Comb: $2.49  Jo Anns ( this is similar to the one I purchased, but mine came in a two pack.)
  • Flowers: (Price will Vary) I spent about $ 15.00 and had flowers left over for other projects
  • Glue, Glue Gun, Twine, Scissors, and Needle: Already had these supplies: $0

Grand Total Approx. : $ 21.48 (price will vary depending on your flowers)

Simple, Pretty, and oh so Sweet!

Let me know if you create one!  I’d love to have you share your photo!


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