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Mid-Year Bullet Journal Update

I can NOT believe this year is half over! This weekend makes the halfway point of 182.5 days, which means we are officially at the half-way point of 2017.

At the beginning of the year I decided to join the bullet journal craze, and in February, I shared with you my start-up ideas here.

If you aren’t familiar with bullet journaling check out this link here.

I’ve learned a few things  in the last six months about bullet journaling and about myself.

Hopefully, this will be of encouragement to you too.

Here’s my top 5 Bullet Journal Reviews…


1.You have to use it to be effective! Now before you break out in uncontrollable laughter and roll your eyes, I must say I have used my bullet journal 99% of the time. BUT, there have been three or four weeks (not consecutively, mind you) where I used it sporadically or not at all! I may have even lost it temporarily 😉 Those weeks were definitely not as productive and my mind was definitely more scattered. I forgot things, the “overwhelmed feelings” set in, and in general those weeks were pretty chaotic.


If you commit to using your bullet journal, then set a designated time each week to fill it out. I like either Saturdays or Sundays when my husband and I go through our family schedule plan for the week.

Also, place it in the exact same place everyday. This saves a ton of wasted time trying to find it every morning!

2. Not every spread has to be “Pinterest Pin Worthy!”  There are a lot of fantastic bullet journal spreads on Pinterest. Some are amazingly intricate and frame worthy!

If you have the time to create a masterpiece spread, great. If not, simplicity is a beautiful thing too. Why do we feel, at times, that everything has to look like it jumped out of an advertisement, especially when you alone are the only one reading it?

In my first month, I made a major mistake in creating a spread. I couldn’t erase it, because I used a sharpie pen. Using white out wasn’t an option for my semi perfectionist tendencies. So, glancing at my page in new bullet journal frenzy failure fashion, my friend had a brilliant idea. “Why don’t you just stick (using double-sided tape) those “mistake pages” together and move on?” Thank you, Gina!  I love her! Sometimes we need a friend to think clearly for us, don’t we?

Pace yourself time-wise in creating a spread. When I first started my bullet journal, I found I was spending way too much time trying to figure out my spread each week, which took key time away from me actually DOING those tasks that I was trying to list and accomplish!


Set a reasonable time limit in creating your monthly/weekly/pages and spreads. The more you do, the easier it gets, and well, keep some double-sided tape handy ;). Enjoy being creative.

3. Always, always…ALWAYs take your journal with you wherever you go. Since all your thoughts, lists, appointments, deadlines etc. are listed in this one important book, basically this journal has become your brain on paper. If you lose it then well, I guess you could say you’ve lost your brain! I know what that is like ;).


Get a journal size that works for you, and follow suggestion # 1 🙂 I love my journal and would definitely purchase it again.

4. Challenge yourself to try new ideas and expand your horizons! It’s easy to get in

the same rut especially when time is of the essence. Trying new things keeps the process fresh and stretches us a bit, doesn’t it? I haven’t added any “trackers” to my weekly spreads, at all. It seems like I always try to drink more water, but I never seem to reach my goal for the day.

I’ll be trying something like this, this month.

5. Look back from time to time. Come about mid year, we start to self examine, or at least I do. Thoughts like, “What have I done this year?” “I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, or when did I last do…. ? or… I need to revamp this list of….,” run through my head.

Looking back helps us see what has been accomplished and what still is on the horizon.

It’s a gratitude counter too.

We so easily forget all the blessings of the year, hurdles, and challenges that have been reached, and forget to be thankful for what we have done, and the difficulties and triumphs we have lived through.


Take a minute at this halfway point of the year, flip back through your journal and be thankful for all that you did, all the things that happened that changed you, and all the challenges yet to come, teaming with opportunities to handle things, maybe, a bit differently in the future.

There’s a fresh new page tomorrow, and an entire half year ahead!

Happy Bullet Journaling!








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