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It’s been a month, dear reader, since my last post, of which much has taken place in my little corner of this great big world, in the little corners of my heart.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, this subject of change whirling around in my head…


Change, even saying the word itself can bring daunting feelings of the unknown, insecurities, and discomfort to one’s heart. I wish, so much, I was the type of personality that embraced it with reckless abandonment and gracious spontaneity, but I am not.

Some changes are easier than others, when what you are changing from is undesirable, unwanted, or of little value altogether. Those changes are much easier. But then, there are those changes in life,  even those with anticipated goodness, that bring huge adjustment to one’s heart and mindset.

I think I’ve come to realize why these adjustment changes, as good as they are, bring a new normal of bitter sweetness that takes the heart on old roadways of memories and new pathways of emotions.  I believe, it is because, that which we are changing from was so amazingly wonderful and full of joy that we want so desperately to hold on to the way things were, but can’t any longer.

The scene has changed. That chapter has ended.

Though the old memories will never change, moving forward has to. A new road is being hewn, a new chapter is being written.  Although, we can go on those old pathways of memories, or reread those great chapters, to move along in the story, one must turn the page.

So, what does a person do to not only accept these changes, as good as some of them may be, but to thrive during change? How can we resolutely and victoriously walk through them with graciousness, trust, and security?

When we deal with change, we really deal with the wrestling of our heart.  Notice at the very heart of  the word “wrestling” is the word “rest.” When I chose to “rest” in change, I must leave behind the “wling” or “wheeling. Wheeling is that constant pushing and pulling on my heart and mind.  It is that desire to hold onto the last chapter or the resistance to go in a new direction, that makes change so difficult.  With the “wheeling” must come a rolling away of self, of my expectations, my burdens, my plans, in order to fully experience rest.  It is surrendering (the “wheeling”) and resting in that which is unchangeable.

 Truly there is only One unchangeable in this life.

Even though things are in a constant stage of change all around us,  God’s character, His love, faithfulness,and commitment to my absolute good, will never change. It can not. He can not.

So then every change I go through (with Him), has a consistency, an element, of no change at all

– Jesus.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

With Him is always the pathway of peace. With Him the story remains good and ends in ultimate triumph.

With Him, I can move through change with a new mindset and certain footing on His solid foundation of  un-changeability under my feet.  With Him, I can not only move, but welcome change, and travel securely on that roadway, or read that unknown chapter with an expectancy of  hope, peace, and contentment.

His unfailing love, and unchangeable character, is forever a certainty, bringing with it a sense of comfort though all around me may be different.

Change is sure to come to all of us…


I must choose to rest, to walk on unknown pathways, to turn the page to a new chapter, and to cling to the One who is forever unchanging.

“For the Lord is good; His mercy and loving-kindness are everlasting, His faithfulness and truth endure to all generations.” Psalm 100:5










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