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Lunch with Sweet Pea


Spinach, Kale, Arugula, Green Leafy Lettuce are usually the greens of choice for me, as far as salad goes, but the other day I had lunch with Sweet Pea.

I just love the sound of that name, don’t you? It’s what I called my daughter growing up. I still call her that even after she’s all grown up!

I picked up these Sweet Pea Shoots from Organic Girl last time I was at the grocers. I’ve never had Sweet Pea Shoots, have you?

I was surprised to see that 4 ounces (which is the size of the container…I had about half the container) has 360 mg of Potassium and 5mg of Protein, among other good for you percentages. Fair to say, it isn’t ALL Sweet Pea Shoots, but also has baby Green Romaine, Tango, Oakleaf, Greenleaf, Bok Choy, and Lola Rosa…which are all fancy variety names for greens.

This combination didn’t taste as strong as Arugula, but a bit more earthy than green leafy lettuce alone.

After giving the Sweet Pea Shoots a good rinse and drain…I know the package says triple washed, but I like to wash it myself… I threw in some dried cranberries, cut up dried apricots, walnuts (which would have been better if I toasted them).  Then I drizzled a light dressing of: zest and juice of two mandarin cuties, a splash of olive oil, and  a bit of Himalayan salt and cracked pepper to taste. That made more than enough dressing. I had more to spare.  It was a healthy and light lunch. *Organic Girl  advertises their Sweet Pea Shoots with Lemon Agave dressing. Hmmm, sounds like  I need to try that too.

~I like Sweet Pea. I think I’ll have lunch with her again~

  • Organic Girl didn’t compensate me for saying nice things about their products.

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