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Super Cozy DIY Pillow Cover

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my cozy DIY pillow here. Pillows with words have been popular now for quite some time and when I was in Home Goods I spotted this really cute “HOME” pillow, but the poinsettia style “O” seemed like something I probably wouldn’t use after Christmas was over.


I am not a big purchaser of seasonal items. I like using versatile decor that can go from  season  to season and not spend a lot of money on things that I’ll only use for a short time. It’s not to say I don’t have a few seasonal things, but I like to make things work for longer than a week or month, and like having the ability to move them from room to room for several months.

So, I took the inspiration of this Home Goods pillow and adapted it for something I can use in my decor from October to March. Plus it’s a pillow cover. It’s made from fleece, flannel, and felt and, with coupons, only cost me about $6 to make, not including the pillow form. Pillow covers are great because you can change them out from time to time. I like getting mileage out of things!


I thought I’d share  with you how I made my “HOME” pillow and how it can be adapted for any size pillow form or word that you desire. You could make a cute baby “BOY” pillow or “LOVE” for a newly married couple.


It’s really up to your imagination.

*  I’ll give the general instructions and you can adapt them to your pillow size/word etc.

 Super Cozy DIY Pillow Form


  • pillow form (mine was a 12 x 22 lumbar form)
  • fleece (I purchased about 1 yard)
  • flannel (I purchased 1/4 of a yard)
  • felt   (I purchased 1/4 of a yard)
  • crochet flower (I purchased mine at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • button
  • thread  (contrasting color from your felt and fleece)
  • letter stencils (made mine on Word but you can find free printable stencils on Pinterest))
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • safety pin
  • cord or string
  • all-purpose thread and sewing machine (if hand stitching: embroidery needle and cross stitch thread using all 6 strands).
  • fray check ( optional)

* Measure your pillow and cut out a piece of fleece 1″ large than the height and length of your form. This is the front of your pillow cover.

* For the back cover, you will be cutting a piece the same length as the front cover ( 1″ larger than your form), but the height of your pillow will be 3″ more than the height of your pillow form.

For example: My pillow form was 12″ X  22″. My front cover was cut 13″ X 23″ ; the back was cut 15″ X 23″ .

* Now take the back piece, and cut it length ways in half, this will be the overlapped opening so that you can remove your form when needed.


For example: Since my back piece was 15″ X 23″  I cut it at 7.5 “, giving me two pieces that were each 7.5″ X 23”.

* Place your front piece down and lay both your back pieces on top. The sides should all match up with the center overlapping each other. Lay it over your form to make sure the size will work. Trim any excess if needed.

*Now take one of the back pieces (overlapping piece) and sew a blanket stitch along the inside edge length ways to finish it. You can do this with the other piece, but I didn’t since it was going to be tucked in and not visible.

If you are going to hand stitch a blanket stitch, here is a good tutorial to follow.

I used a new stitch on my machine that I think was a blanket stitch. I had never used that one before. It took a little getting used to and isn’t perfect, but this pillow is going in my cabin with rustic, industrial, farmhouse decor, so it will be perfect.

* Now, cut out your stencils and felt letters.

* Lay your felt letters on the front cover of your fleece and determine how large you want your “O” to be, and making sure you’re spacing your letters evenly.

* Cut out 2 strips of flannel. One approx. 1.5″ wide and the other about 2.5″ wide. The width will be determined by how large your “O” is, so you’ll have to play with what looks good to you. The same goes for the length. You will be cutting these strips out, folding over the top, enough to thread a cord or string through, baste stitching, then gathering as full as you’d like.

This stitch will not be seen. You can follow this basting stitch tutorial below.

*You’ll be placing one flannel strip over the other, folding down the top edge, and sewing your basting stitch, giving enough room to thread your cord or string through for gathering. The ends will unravel a bit. You may want to use fray check to keep this from happening or embrace the unraveled look.


* Gather these pieces together, as you like, by threading your cord through with a safety pin, creating an “O” shape. Tack the ends together to secure.


* Cut out a circle larger than your crocheted flower making sure it is large enough to cover your basting stitch on your “O” . You will snip  about 1/4 ” around this center flannel circle for a little more texture. Make sure it will cover the center of your basting circle. Set aside.


*Sew button to center of crochet flower. Then sew this to your flannel circle. Tack in place til secure. Then place this in the center of your basting circle and sew together. You have now created your “O”.



*Place your cut out felt letters on your front fleece, leaving space for your “O”. Pin in place and sew, using contrasting colored thread, sew  a straight stitch around the edge of each letter. When completed, hand sew your “O” in place from behind, making sure no stitches show.


*You now have your front cover finished and you are almost done!

*Place your front cover (with your word) face down. Then place both pieces of your back cover on top, with the blanket stitched edge on the outside. Both wrong sides should be placed together.

*Pin together.


*Then either hand stitch a blanket stitch or use a sewing machine to go around your entire pillow. I made my corners rounded and trimmed the excess.

*When done cut off any extra threads and place your form inside. You may need to stuff the corners for a fuller look.


Place in a spot in your home to enjoy some cozy decor.


I would love to hear and see if you make one for your home or give as a gift!



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