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Back From the Hills! Autumn’s Inspiration

I’m back from the hills…the Rocky Mountain “Hills” refreshed and inspired! I love this favorite time of a year! The days were pleasantly cool… in the 50s and 60s. The evenings were “wrap in a warm blanket and wear socks to bed” temperatures.  We had one misty morning and rainy day which made the time just perfect in our eyes. The warm amber, misty grey, weathered barn red, evergreen, and muted yellow with pumpkin were all I needed to bake and sew and create a little autumn of our own.


Beside this red barn homestead, which I wanted to drop in and visit, but thought I’d better call first 😉  …

I have fallen in love with this old barn…


It has weathered many seasons.

Old, but still in use.

Can you see the stacks of hay?

The stories this barn could tell…


I love the inspiration of the rusty browns and weathered grey for this time of year, so I added a bit of these colors for us to enjoy inside.


The dominoes were a vintage find (early 1900’s the info said!), that I found at a thrift store  earlier in the year. We use them to play with too.  I love them in this little boat I picked up from Hobby Lobby.


The warm sunlight came through my window hitting these little mini pumpkins just the right way in this lantern.


Of course baking is a must this time of year!  Actually, it’s a must anytime of year!

This time it was warm, tart apple pie with a flaky homemade crust…



…and these no fail gingersnaps

that are sooooo good with hot cider or chai tea.

I’ve made them for years and they always turn out great. It’s hard to stop at just three!

I’ll share the recipe later this week.


As for the sewing, it was fun to create this soft and homey pillow, made from fleece, felt, and flannel. I’ll share that too in a future post.


I hope you are loving this time of year as much as I am, and that you take the time to look around and see all the beauty of this season, in colors only God could create.


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