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Update on Keeping Those Autumn Mums Alive!


It’s been almost a month since I came across this watering tip from, Time with Thea, to help keep my autumn mums alive. I know that doesn’t seem like a very long time, but trust me, it was long enough for me to kill them! I have a thing with keeping plants alive in pots. In the ground, I usually have no problem, in pots, they have a slim chance of survival in my care.

But despite my lack of green thumbness…

The watering tip was a success! It watered deeply, and kept me from over-watering, causing those nasty stains on the patio.

To complicate matters though, we had two Humongous rain storms with hurricane force winds shortly after I planted them! You know the type where the wind changes every direction in a split second and you have to secure small dogs and children for fear they will be blown away!

Β In all fairness, I’m not sure the outcome can be fully appreciated, but I’m sure the watering tip helped keep them alive!

See what I mean…



Those storms really whipped my plants around, but I’m happy they survived, though they have the windblown look, like a bad hair day!


Even though they’ve lost their pretty round shape, they really are still quite beautiful, and still producing buds!


I plan on using Thea’s tip again on my spring and summer plantings.

Hopefully, the wind will be gentler on them!

Thanks Thea!


How about you?

Share if you have tried her watering tip with success.


2 thoughts on “Update on Keeping Those Autumn Mums Alive!

  1. good review! i’ve yet to buy a pot of mums (my favorite flower)
    this season . . will be heading to costco for 1 or 3 and will
    most certainly try the watering method. πŸ™‚

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