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In God’s Pocket…


The closing song had ended and the church service was over when I saw  her maneuvering her walker and determinedly making her way to me across the sanctuary. It was at a slower pace than in years past. Time has a way with all of us. She pulled out a plain, manila folder. In it were stacks of neatly typed papers all hand signed. With a big, mischievous grin, not hindered by her oxygen tubes, for love can not be held back by restrictions, she chuckled. Handing me a page of her heart, she said,

” Here, I want you to have this. I’m 86 you know, almost 87, and I wrote my first song.”

I gave her a big hug, wanting to capture that sweet moment, and asked if she would sing it for me.

Her voice a little shaky, but resolute, she sang…

” I am in God’s pocket today, today.

I am in God’s pocket today.

I have no worries, troubles or fears. I am in God’s pocket today…”

After the first few lines, she needed her breath to catch up with her heart.

” Wait, let me catch my breath and I can sing the rest.”

She eagerly started again…

” You can be there too, if you’ll open up your heart.

You can be in God’s pocket today.

But before you do, there is something you must learn

To be in God’s pocket today…”

 It’s a saying she has always said for as long as I have known her.  Her signature phrase,

“God’s Got Me in His Pocket.”

In years past, when she was able, she would frequent our ladies Bible Study, and no matter what she was facing or the past trials she had weathered, she would always come back to this saying and the truth that God has never left her, but has had her tucked close to His heart. His faithfulness is what has seen her through life’s storms.

She’s the proud Mom of our Pastor and often doesn’t lose the chance to tell you how good her son’ s sermons are or how proud she is of her family. She’s a generous soul and I often  remember, in years past,  her arms filled with bags of toys for the Christmas shoebox drive, items for the less fortunate, or platters of food for our pot luck gatherings.

But moment by moment, over the years, she has had to exercise her faith by letting go. Letting go of her home of many decades, loving pets, her health, and most difficult, her beloved husband.

Letting go and resting in God’s pocket…

Even with her physical challenges, her fiery spirit, large, loving heart, and persistent faith have increased ever stronger. She finished her song as my eyes welled…

” You must learn to live a blessed, loving life, to be in God’s pocket today.”

It was a simple, little, tune with large meaning that day. Having felt privileged to have a signed copy and been sweetly serenaded,

I thought, these are the priceless moments and people that make life beautiful.

Granny Betty, as she refers to herself, reminded me to courageously keep moving forward in faith, with the Lord, for He has ALL THINGS under His control and no matter what I am facing, I can always rest in His ever-loving pocket of care.

I got in my car with her catchy, little song ringing in my ear. She turned her walker and was off to spread her song of assurance to the next soul who needed reminding…

If you know Jesus…

You’re in God’s Pocket



Thank you, Granny Betty.

Keep Writing Songs!

I Love You!


“And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8


4 thoughts on “In God’s Pocket…

  1. Through my own blurry eyes I read this out loud to Scott and then promptly sent it to Betty and she read it again while we listened! She was very blessed. Thank you for this wonderful tribute. So very thoughtful and true!

  2. my eyes are a little soggy right now…
    it’s my desire to live life in such a gracious manner
    as this woman you’re so blessed to know. how beautiful
    are His ways .. how sweet is this song. ♥

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