The Last Taste of Summer…

I was in Trader Joe’s a few days ago. Seems like I frequent that store at least once a week or more. You know you’re in a store often when other customer’s start asking you where products are located and you know! I must look like I work there!  Anyway, I spotted this “last taste of summer” among the tea stash.

It’s something new they just got in and it’s delicious, so I thought I’d share a glass with you.


Even though it’ll officially be the start of autumn next week, it’s still hot in many parts of the country. This refreshing tea is Trader Joe’s Peach Apricot Black Tea and only $3.99 for 20 pouches. No, Trader Joe’s isn’t paying me to say nice things, it’s just something I thought I’d  share. You can enjoy it hot or cold. I made it cold, sweetened it a bit with organic cane sugar, and poured it over some fresh peach ice cubes. I love when the ice melts a bit and chunks of peach make it taste even better. It really is the last taste of summer before pumpkin everything hits!

If you’re fortunate to have a TJ’s in your area, you should try some!



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