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From Ugly to Pretty: Our Laundry Room Remodel

Like I have mentioned before, when we moved into our home it was in need of some TLC and updating.  One of those rooms was the laundry room.  It’s a pretty small space (about 8′ x 9′), but a room nonetheless and with a sink, which made me happy. Here are a couple photos of our laundry room before, which didn’t make me happy. Sorry for the ugliness!  When you’re in “construction mode” things are messy including the lack of organization, piles of dirty laundry, and misc. stuff!




There were some definite issues with this room:  It had little space for storage, no place to hang clothes, inside the sink had seen better days, and the vinyl flooring had quite a few dents and rips (which I hid behind a rug). Go ahead, you can say the space was ugly. I agree!

So, I took out my yellow pad and started sketching some drawings to make our laundry room  more efficient and pretty.

I wanted cabinets that I could hide things behind ;), but  I knew it was going to be virtually impossible to find cabinets that would exactly fit in the space and still have room for the washer and dryer (which by the way were on their last legs).  Has anyone else noticed that appliances are breaking at the 5 year mark? What ever happened to the times when our grandmas would have her appliances for 20 + years?

Anyway, back to the cabinet situation. Since the space was such an odd size and we needed a specific measurement for a new washer and dryer, my Sweetheart husband said he would make some cabinets! I tell you, he is the best they come! I showed him my sketch, we took measurements, and although this was his first major cabinet building project,  I think they turned out great!  He purchased a cabinet 5 piece router set and experimented with scrap wood until he acquired the cabinet inlay look we desired.  We then purchased clear Poplar at Lowe’s, and had custom cabinets to fit exactly the space and for a lot less money!


He trimmed the base and top cabinets with MDF moulding  I painted them

with ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) in Old White and Clear and Dark Wax.



At the time, it was my first experience working with ASCP, and looking back I would have done things a bit differently. I didn’t prime the raw wood first. Normally you don’t need to prime before using ASCP…that’s the beauty of using that paint, but doing it again using raw wood, I would definitely use primer, as the wood absorbed a lot more paint than I expected.


We replaced the sink with a wall mount Kholer farm sink from Lowes

and Belle Foret polished chrome faucet.


The sink is especially great for hand washing items, potting flowers, and giving our little dog a bath.


The wall color is Sherwin Williams Rice Grain (at 75%) , the wainscot, chair rail, and baseboards were purchased from Lowes

and painted in Sherwin Williams Extra White, the flooring is Armstrong Laminate (discontinued),

cabinet knobs and wall hook from Hobby Lobby, and light from Lamps Plus.

None of these companies have paid me to mention this ;).



It’s hard to get this small room all in one shot, but the hooks for hanging wet or ironed clothes

are on the far left wall. Here is a photo of the hooks with a dish towel apron I previously made.



All and all we are very happy with the big changes!



It feels more like a laundry room, is more functional, and one I like being in now,

though I still have to do laundry ;).





5 thoughts on “From Ugly to Pretty: Our Laundry Room Remodel

  1. for pity sake this is beautiful.
    i’m going to show the hubs. . .
    what a transformation .. that sink is yummy.
    and your hubby’s workmanship is awesome!
    keep that guy around. he’s handy.
    we had front loaders that lasted 4 years. sigh.
    5 years ago we bought a very basic set and
    so far they’re working super duper. crossing
    my fingers.

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