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A Child’s Card…What a Mother is…

I was rummaging through an old photo box searching for photos of my Mom and Dad. On their wedding anniversary, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, each year, I scan a photo or two, and send an email to family, in remembering them on these special days. Both my parents are no longer alive, but with the Lord. It’s bitter and sweet, both at the same time.  I was extremely blessed to have two wonderful parents. Their lives are missed, their legacy carried on, and their memories, I hold so dear to my heart.

While going through the photos, I came across this card I made as a little girl for my Mom on a particular Mother’s Day. I had forgotten all about it for decades! Unfortunately, it wasn’t dated, but I suppose it was during elementary school…maybe 4th or 5th grade.

It’s  a simple card…nothing fancy…on crumbled, yellowed construction paper with messy, penciled, misspelled handwriting.

It brought tears to my eyes, as I remember the beauty of a life today….My Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day Simply Put…



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