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Make a Fragrant Gift

My Lavender is blooming early this year and I absolutely love the smell! I made these Lavender “Tea Pouch Sachets” as a gift for a friend, but they would make a great homemade gift for Mother’s Day too!

The inspiration came from Karen who blogs on Sew Many Ways…   Thanks  so much Karen for your great tutorial!

The feature photo is Spanish Lavender but I used Lavender Hidcote to fill these. Check out this gorgeous garden lined with it! In my dreams my garden looks like that!


Here are a few things I learned from making them…

Helpful Hints:

  •  Test sew a spare  dryer sheet to properly set the tension on your machine.  I had to work with mine a bit as it kept bunching up no matter what tension I seemed to use!
  • Use scotch tape to adhere the string to your tag, then stable. The string tends to slip out of the staple.
  • Once tag is adhered to string, notch the end and pull the string through. I recommend taping the string to the bottom back of the tag as it tends to want to continue to slip out.
  • I overstuffed my bags with dried lavender, and before placing in the pouch, I doused with a healthy bit of this Lavender Essential Oil to heighten the fragrance.
  • If you don’t have a lavender plant in your garden, you can head to the nursery for a plant, or if you have Trader Joe’s in your area, they usually sell smaller pots of lavender from time to time, and bunches of dried lavender, usually in the spring, and early summer months.

 Why not make a fragrant gift for someone?



 Happy Mother’s Day to all those Moms, Grammies, and Mom Mentors!


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