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Two Projects: A 15 minute Change and a $6.00 Update…


Sometimes a 15 minute change makes all the difference, doesn’t it?  We worked on two cabin projects, one last week and one a few months ago, that I thought I’d share. Both were fast, easy, and inexpensive. I love those kinds of projects that make a big difference in a short amount of time!

One was a change to a ceiling fan. The fan itself was fine. It worked well and had no annoying sounds and balancing issues, as sometimes ceiling fans can have. The blade color was fine too, but I didn’t like the white glass shades. They just were not matching the rustic, industrial, farmhouse, Joanna Gaines, look I had in my mind. I did some internet searching and came up with about a $30 fix (plus shipping = a grand total of $40.00)…much cheaper than buying a brand new rustic, industrial style ceiling fan!


Here is the before….dust and all 🙂



So, instead of changing out the entire  fan, I opted to purchase these metal lamp guards from  My wonderful Sweetheart husband did the precarious balancing act, on top of the 16 foot ladder at the top of the stairway, switching out the shades and adding these Vintage Edison Bulbs also from 1000Bulbs. Be warned that the Edison type bulbs do not give off as much light as other light bulbs, but for this project, they were the perfect look to go with the new shades.

Here is a close up of the shades. I know I’ll have to keep a close eye on cleaning these as I’m sure they will become the perfect web home for spiders, but I love the new look as it was exactly what I had in mind.


And here is the after…plus while he was up there he cleaned the dust off too. What a guy!



The next was a change to the cabinet above the microwave. It was a large open cabinet with nothing much exciting about it until I got to thinking how it would make the perfect space for a plate rack. I love the look of plate racks, but have never had one. I bought two packages of 12″ dowels (months ago) with the hope to do this project sometime in the future. I purchased the dowels at Joann Fabrics similar to these. The total came to about $6.00 which included tax!

Here is the cabinet before….this picture was taken before we moved in…more dust 🙂


By the way, see that cabinet behind the refrigerator? We recently took that down and plan on creating an entry space with a bench and shelf to hang coats and take off boots etc. The door is just beyond that space and without a hall closet there is no place to “unload” from outside. I hope to share that project in the future once we are done. 🙂

As for the plate rack, My husband moved the existing top shelf to accommodate the lower plate rack. It’s the perfect spot for platters.  To create the back holder for the plates he used a 1″ x 2″ wood strip and notched the equal amount of spaces needed per plate.   Each notch was centered between two dowels. Using a chop saw  he cut grooves a bit larger than the thickness of the plate and gave it a coat of stain we had leftover from another project. Once dry he predrilled holes and recessed two wood screws to secure it in place.  After removing the upper and lower trim on the bottom shelf, he drilled 12 holes the same diameter as the dowels into the bottom trim of the shelf.  Each dowel was fit tightly in the holes. We opted not to mess with wood glue since the dowels fit so snuggly.  He then nailed, using finishing nails, the top trim back in place, fitting each dowel in its hole.

Here is a closer picture of the notching…….


And here is my new plate rack…

 I didn’t have enough larger plates to fill the space. I may just need to head over to Home Goods ;).



 I love the new quick fixes and  updates, and especially because it took so little time and money to make them!

Have you done any quick updates or changes around your home, lately?

I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Two Projects: A 15 minute Change and a $6.00 Update…

  1. well golly gee.
    fantastic change .. makes all the difference!
    love edison bulbs .. will be putting them in our
    55 boles trailer as well as the 50s teardrop
    i’m now tackling. and they’d look just darling
    in our kitchen chandelier. oh my what you’ve started…

    and your plate rack. ingenious. applause!!!

    1. Hahahaa…well, they ARE cute, and they WOULD look great in your vintage trailers! I can’t wait to see those changes you are making with your 50’s teardrop.
      Sometimes it’s the little projects that make a big impact! Thanks!

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