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I’m Back from the State of Bluebonnets, BBQ, and…

Magnolia Market!  Last week I was in the big state of Texas!  Since my Sweet Pea daughter couldn’t come home for spring break, I went to her!  We had a wonderful girl’s week which included consuming copious amounts of tea, good food, long talks, Bible studies and singing with her on guitar, a visit from her sweet boyfriend, more good food, a relaxing time on the lake, and of course a trip to Magnolia Market and a few other shops in Waco.

Do you watch Chip and Joanna Gaines from the show Fixer Upper? I love her style and am trying to incorporate that rustic industrial farmhouse décor into our cabin remodel. I took quite a few pictures (beware) of our shopping adventure. Sorry that some are blurry. It seemed like everywhere we turned there were tons of people and no time to photograph. Thank you Sweet Pea for helping me take pictures while I shopped! While I restrained myself and only bought two things (a locally crafted magnolia mug, and journal) I did get a lot of inspiration that I thought I would share with you.

Here is how Magnolia Market looked last week.


Also, have some tips, at the end of this post, if you plan to make your first trip to their shop in Waco.


New flowers and foliage for spring…


I love this “chippy” wall shelf!  It would be great for kitchen or bathroom storage.


More ideas for the kitchen…

The locally crafted mugs are on the wall display.

I love the ticking napkins!



 I found inspiration from these chargers and think I’ll paint my plastic silver chargers  found on clearance with MMS paint…


What a sweet story behind these tea towels…


There were cute little ironstone look alikes in all sizes…



The smell from these leather bags was amazing…


The hanging chandelier – like planter was so sweet. The picture doesn’t do it justice. And I love the gooseneck barn lights! I bought one similar last year to place in my cabin eating area.


Once outside, we passed the aged silos with all their patina history. Opposite them was a grassy area, tables, and play equipment for families to gather and enjoy the local cuisine served from  food trucks.

 Sady, they weren’t in operation that day as it was very stormy just before we arrived.


The gardens were nearby. Will you look at this Swiss Chard! The Garden Shop in the background will open soon. They also will be opening a sweets shop too.


I found inspiration for my planters with this display…


All and all we had a great time taking in the sights and atmosphere of Magnolia, but we weren’t done with shopping for the day…


So we headed  a few blocks away to….


to recharge.

Also, a few blocks away was….


a small little urban style tea shop with over 100 loose-leaf teas to choose from.


After getting chilled Star Fruit Chai we were good to shop again!

Just 5 minutes from this tea shop, and three blocks from Magnolia Market, off of Austin Avenue, are several thrift and home décor shops. 

Though we didn’t eat here, this little café inside Sironias looked like they had a nice menu of quiche, salads, and soups. We can’t say how the food was, but after coming from the crowded Magnolia Market it was nice to stroll around without all the crowds.


There were many booths with styles and items from shabby chic to the quirky and rustic.



Directly across the street were these two fun looking stores, but sadly, so sadly, they were not open.

I stood there for a few minutes peering in through the windows, in disbelief, my eyes fixed on some pillows that were far too pretty.  

How could I be so close and yet so far?

Next time I will remember these little shops are only open from Thursday – Saturday.


So one last place we headed to was…


It had some of the same flavor of Magnolias…


We came across this embossed trunk from the 1800’s. I wish the picture was better.

It really was a work of art and to think it was all hand crafted about 200 years ago! 


If you head to Waco and Magnolia Market here are a few tips:

Only American Airlines/American Eagle fly directly into Waco (It’s a very small airport!)

Typically you would fly into Dallas and then take the 22 minute flight to Waco

The Waco airport has free parking!

You don’t need to arrive 2 hours early for departure. They won’t open the security gate until about 40 minutes before your flight ( It’s a very small airport!)

It rains a lot in Waco: pack an umbrella and rain boots

Don’t park behind the silos. That parking lot is always full. If you do decide to check it out, watch the curb as you enter the back alley. Every car that used it bottomed out.

Park in the lot at 6th and Jackson and walk a block to the shop. Beware it can get muddy when it rains.

If possible visit Magnolia on a weekday and not on Saturday, because the line to get in can be 1-2 blocks long. They are closed on Sundays.

Go about 15-20 minutes after opening when the line has already moved inside. You most likely will not need to wait outside.

Knowing ahead of time what you want to look at ( from their online store) is helpful as inside it can be very crowded.

They have fun woven shopping bags for you to use while shopping.

There are plenty of workers to ask for help regarding products. Everyone seemed helpful and friendly.

The checkout line can be long (we had about 20 people before us), but they move you through quickly.

Don’t forget to sign their guest book and see how far people have come to shop.

Spend some time in their outside area and enjoy your visit!


Have you been to Magnolia Market?

I’d love to hear your experience.


One thought on “I’m Back from the State of Bluebonnets, BBQ, and…

  1. need to skidaddle and get the kitchen cleaned up .. scanned this post and am having fits cuz i can’t read slow and savor your advice and soak in the pictures… but the charger plates?! doing that. painting the ones i have. ooh yes. will come back tomorrow when i have a bit more time. i’m SO thankful your time with sweet pea and her beau was wonderful. ♥♥♥ be back tomorrow.

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