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Pin It! Tried & True Tuesday # 38 : ‘Tis the Season for Sneezin’



Pin It! Tried & True Tuesday # 38

Honey Ginger Throat Drops

 Well, this isn’t Christmas inspiration, but it’s a fact of life that this is the season for sneezin’ with all the colds and flu that get passed around.  A few weeks ago, my Sweetheart and I were feeling under the weather. At least it was at the same time and we could sympathize with each other!  Fortunately, it didn’t turn into much of anything, but I decided to make these throat drops   from Sarah McGill

They have a strong honey flavor with a bite of spicy ginger, which has great anti-viral/anti-bacterial kick. I was really curious more than anything to see how they would work. Sarah got her inspiration from Scootchmaroo on Instructables. They’re especially soothing for a sore or dry throat.

Here is what I did:

  • Followed this recipe
  • Steeped two additional ginger teabags in strained liquid along with the fresh ginger to achieve a very concentrated ginger liquid.
  • Followed her suggestion of added honey and lemon {I added about 1/4 tsp of crystalized lemon}; I did not add any Thyme.

Helpful Hints:

  • Watch your liquid mixture carefully and check on the temperature often. Do Not stir.
  • I set mine between medium high heat to medium low, as I didn’t want the sugar to burn.
  • You must watch this closely.
  • My liquid took about 25 minutes to achieve 300 degrees, but it will depend on your altitude, amount of liquid, and your stove.
  • Here is a link for a demonstration for the “hard crack stage” test.
  • If it turns a dark amber color, and you smell that smell like when you were a kid toasting marshmallows a little too close to the campfire, then unfortunately, your mixture has burned. Quickly remove it and pour into molds. You may have caught it just in time!
  • I did not rely heavily on my candy thermometer, but tested from about 20 minutes of boiling with the “hard crack stage” test.
  • I carefully poured my mixture into the molds.  At first it came out in blobs until I got the hang of how fast to pour, so some of them did not have that pretty round shape…more like an ameba :). We ate them anyway.
  • I got about 50 throat drops from this recipe {including the oddly shaped ones}.
  • Next time, I plan on using solely honey and no sugar. As recommended this will take more boiling time.


Thanks Sarah!  I plan on making more of these to have on hand. They’re great even when you aren’t sick!


2 thoughts on “Pin It! Tried & True Tuesday # 38 : ‘Tis the Season for Sneezin’

  1. i’ve wondered about these drops and glad you took the time and effort to try out what i put off forever and a day. thanks for the links and the review … i’m rather tired of using that swiss lozenge product. hoping you’re feeling much better and thankful your viral irritation didn’t consume you and the hubby. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I must say though, there is a “tipping point” as to when these get over boiled. It happens quickly, so they need to be watched carefully. However, they must reach the hard crack stage in order to become… well hard…instead of sticky like the kind that would work a number on your teeth. Next time, I plan on experimenting with other flavors too. Oddly shaped and all, I think they look pretty in a mason jar :).

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