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Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday #22: Meatballs with Bite


Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday # 22

Honey- Chipotle Turkey Meatballs

Have you ever kept a recipe, or anything for that matter, thinking you will make it in the future, and then forget all about it? Well, I pinned these honey chipotle turkey meatballs about a year ago. We loved them then, but with all the other recipes to try, and my regulars that I make, I forgot all about making them, until recently. The recipe comes from Martha Stewart.  I especially like these for their hot bite and that you can’t tell that they are turkey. I am not one for the gamy turkey taste…never have…never will. I would not have made a good pioneer women!

Here is what I did:

  • Followed this recipe
  • I used a light and dark ground turkey meat. If you use all white turkey they will come out very dry and tough.
  • I added a bit more honey than called for and doubled the sauce part of the recipe.  I wanted them to be saucy!

Helpful Hints:

  • My recipe made 19 ( approx. 1.5 ” diameter) size meatballs
  • This recipe uses no breadcrumbs, so it could easily be made gluten-free.
  • I can see making these even smaller (and adjusting the cook time) to make them as appetizers.
  • From start to finish they take about 30 minutes
  • I froze our leftovers for about 1.5 weeks and reheated. In my opinion, they DO NOT FREEZE well. I heated them up on the stove top and the consistency and flavor was not the  same as when made fresh.

These would be great for an end of the summer gathering or to kick off the football season.

It’s about three more weeks until fall officially arrives. For a number of reasons, it is my favorite time of year!


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