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Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday # 13 Vintage made New


Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday # 13

PJ’s Made From Vintage Sheets


* Sorry I am later than usual in getting this out. I had a root canal and crown this


Thankful that is over!


I have been wanting to make something new from vintage sheets for quite a while now. Looking in antique shops for the sheets was half the fun until I came up empty-handed. There wasn’t a floral vintage sheet to be had in my entire city!  Well, at least I couldn’t find one! About two months ago, I was sharing with my Mother-In-Law about my intended project,  and she said that she had a few vintage sheets tucked way back in her closet. In fact, she had the exact sheets my husband used as a little boy during vacations at their cabin! While it wasn’t the floral I had my heart set on, I melted to learn the sweetness of the history of these sheets! To use My Sweetheart’s boyhood sheets for my new PJ’s decades later was perfect!

This project was completed by using this easy tutorial thanks to Creative Cain Cabin. 

Here is what I did:

  • Followed her directions
  • Added some cotton crocheted trim (I purchased at JoAnns) to the bottom of the legs.  I think it makes them a bit more girly.
  • Sewed a ribbon bow at the waistline


Helpful Hints:

  • Wash your sheets and any trim you may use before starting your project.
  • When you are cutting out your sheet fabric, (by using an old pair of PJ bottoms as a pattern), make sure you cut the waistband area larger than the elasticized waist on your old PJs. You will want to make sure you have enough fabric to gather for an elastic waistband.
  • If you want roomier PJ’s, cut them out  a bit larger than the 1/2″ she suggested.
  • I tried mine on throughout the project to make any needed adjustments.
  • I can see these having a drawstring waistband if you don’t want to use elastic.
  • Start to finish, these take about 1 hour, depending on if you add the trim/ribbon and sew it by machine or hand.

Here is a better picture of the bottom trim.

 My Sweetheart did a double take when I showed him these!

I bet he never thought, as a little boy, his future wife would be wearing his sheets as PJ’s one day!


Have you repurposed vintage sheets into something new?

I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday # 13 Vintage made New

  1. oh i love this and so so timely, for i have a vintage sheet of blue stripes and rosebuds. thank you for this post, the link to the original tutorial, and for your happiness in using your hubby’s childhood sheets. love it.

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