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Fight For Stillness

  In a world of constant noise, constant movement, both invited and uninvited, I

must fight for


It was about a month ago, after being extremely tired from a road trip, I accidentally put my cell phone in my back pocket (something I rarely do, and will never do again!). I was thinking I was pretty smart to get right on top of our dirty laundry, squeezing it into the front loader, slamming the door, and pressing start, never realizing my cell phone was still tucked neatly into my jeans. Cell phones are pretty resilient, but they are not high efficiency proof! Upon opening the door and removing part of the clothes, I saw  tiny fragments of what was once my phone – DEAD.

It was a couple of days until I was able to make it to the store (both emotionally and physically) to begrudgingly, but needfully get a replacement. Before you feel too sorry for me, my Sweetheart had his phone and I had a personal computer to access communication with the outside world!

But in those days without a phone, there was a quiet peacefulness audibly noticed. It was pure bliss! There were no message beeps, no email notifications, no updates needing my attention, no phone themed songs that blared unexpectedly.

Just stillness.

finalmountain view from shoes

It was a stillness I had noticeable forgotten to fight for in my life.

It was in that stillness that God reminded me to be still and know He is God. To quietly listen to His still small voice, to enjoy the beauty of His creation that goes unnoticed when I am vigorously walking in such a hurry to do the next thing, face drawn to a 2” X 4” screen of activity, or interrupted by vibrations coming from my purse.

Have we forgotten to fight for stillness?

Have we forgotten how to be still?

While it doesn’t always take a physical stillness to hear God tugging on my heart, after all, I can sense His presence and leading and be “still in heart” in the midst of the most violent storms of this life, it is often a physical stillness that enhances my communion with Him.

A younger David must have often been in the quietness of the fields, hearing the waves of the wind whistling throw the bleating of his flock of sheep. In that stillness, he must have spent hours worshipping God. He wrote almost half (73) of the 150 Psalms!

Abraham must have longingly stood still, staring upward at the intensely, star laden sky, remembering the promises of God, one that would make him a great nation of descendents when yet there were none.

I envision a teenage Mary, busy at her daily chores, but lingering at the well, caught in a long stare of thought, pondering all that the angel Gabriel had spoken to her, all the while with a heart of worship welling up inside.

Jesus, Himself, often retreated to the mountains to pray  (Mark 6:46) and encouraged His disciples to come away.

“And He said to them (His disciples), ‘Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.’ (Mark 6:31)

In their stillness, was an invitation to sit with the Word of Life, and enjoy quiet fellowship with Him. No tyranny of the urgent, no distractions, just a sweet stillness alongside God.

It’s amazing what a gentle reminder and blessing a broken cell phone can bring!

 I must fight for stillness in my life

  …a stillness filled with only Him.


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