when you say "I Do"

20 Helpful Hints For Planning, “I Do”

Who doesn’t love a wedding? I’m a die-hard romantic. I love them, in fact, so much so, I’ve been a wedding coordinator for about 10 years, doing it as a ministry through my church.

Currently, I am coordinating a June wedding!  I’ve known this dear family for almost 12 years and have watched this bride- to- be grow from a little girl into a beautiful young women with a sweet heart for God. More recently, I’ve been getting to know her fiancé. He’s a great guy. It is such a privilege to be able to help them plan their most special day!

During our first meeting together, in order to ease their overwhelmed feelings of planning this big event, I shared with them my 20 Helpful Hints For Planning, “I Do” for Christian Couples, and I thought I would share it with you.  Feel free to pass it along to anyone you know planning their big day!


Pray About Everything! No detail or situation is too small to bring before the Lord in prayer. Allow this time of decision-making to strengthen your future marriage. Remember, you are beginning to lay the foundation of your relationship right now.

Keep a Planner. Whether paper or electronic, don’t lose it!  Keep track of all important contacts, dates, ideas etc. and take it with you wherever you go.

Communicate. Don’t make assumptions about anything.  Keep the lines of communication open between each other, families, friends, vendors etc.

Don’t Second Guess Yourselves. Prayerfully take advice from others, but remember, in the end you both need to make the final decision as to what you think is best.

Get Your Families Together for an informal lunch or dinner to get to know one another. Remember, they are beginning new relationships, as well, that will last their lifetime.

Keep Expectations Realistic and God- honoring. Don’t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing or everything you see on Pinterest!  Create a day that is personal to you both and honoring to the Lord.

Set a Budget and Stick to it! If you splurge in one area realize that you will need to cut the budget in another. Be smart and comparison shop.

A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words! Take pictures with you to vendors and give them a copy so they have something to work with when creating your desires.

Count the Full Cost of Vendors. Make sure you ask, ” What is the total cost?” This will include: items/services, delivery/handling, additional hourly costs, taxes, and any other hidden fees.

Simplicity Saves Money. Ask yourself, ” Do we really NEED, the elaborate “Save the Date” invites, a sit down dinner, those expensive favors…?

Enlist Help. Set up DIY wedding work days. Invite Moms, Grandmas, bridesmaids and friends to address invitations, make decorations, etc. This can be a fun time that shows how much you value and love them. Don’t forget to take pictures!

When Creating Your Guest List make sure you ask your families for ALL the names of relatives and friends they are wanting to invite. Be prepared to trim the list if the total is greater than you can afford or accommodate.

RSVP Hints: 1.Write a small number, on the back of the RSVP card, in pencil that coordinates with the number and name on your guest list.  You’d be surprised how many people RSVP without their name! 2.Utilize electronic RSVP’s if that is easier for you, but keep it to one or two choices. 3. If having music at the reception, consider space on the RSVP for guests to list their favorite song. This can be formulated into your playlist.

Decide if You Want a “Plugged In or Unplugged” Wedding Ceremony. Do you want people taking pictures and uploading on Instagram constantly throughout the ceremony? If not, a mention in the program or a beautiful sign stating your wishes is your prerogative.

Ask  A Lot of Questions, especially when it comes to vendors. Write them down beforehand in your planner and be prepared to take notes. You’ll be talking with many different people and there is so much to remember!

Consider the Needs of Your Guests Does anyone need wheelchair access? Accommodations? Does the venue have sufficient parking, seating, heating/cooling systems, and restrooms? Does anyone have any dietary needs?

If You Can, Hold Your Rehearsal Dinner Two Nights Before the Wedding. Relax and sleep the night before your big day. Your families will thank you too!

Having the Ceremony in the Same Place as the Reception saves money and time.

Keep Things in Balance. Yes, you both are planning your wedding, but don’t let it consume ALL your time together. Spend as much time, or more, planning and preparing for your future life together after your big day.

Have Fun! This will be the only time in your lives to plan your wedding. Enjoy the process!


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