DIY · Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday!

Pin it! Tried and True Tuesday!

I just rolled over!  That is, I just rolled over the 10,000 pins mark on Pinterest. That’s a lot of pinning!  What I realize is  I have only put 1% of the things I have pinned into practice.

How about you? Are you a pinner? Pinterest can be an inspirational, mind-blowing, and practical source for just about anything you can imagine…from decorating a long and narrow living room, to the proper way to pan-sear salmon, clean your house gutters, or train your puppy.

You name it and I bet it has been pinned!

 But how many of us pin something planning to, in the future, read it, bake it, sew it, or grow it? Are you hesitant to invest the time and money into something you don’t know will work? Do you wonder if anyone else has done more than just pin it and has actually tried it?

Well, starting the first Tuesday of every month I will be posting

Pin It! Tried and True Tuesday! 


I will be sharing those pins I have tried and found to work, along with helpful hints, and any adaptations I have had to make.

Putting Pinterest into Practice…It’s a Beautiful Thing!


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