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This Girl and Girlie Paint

Have you tried your hand at “girlie paint” yet?  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that is, or ASCP, as it is commonly called among DIYers. It’s not your run of the mill paint, but wonderfully smooth and workable. It puts creativity in your hands and gives you various options with each stroke of the brush.  There are no VOCs, no sanding involved, and minimal prep.

That right there makes any girl smile!

It is a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way. Annie Sloan herself created this wonderful paint in 1990, however, it has only been marketed in the United States for the last five years. So where have I been?  To give a little credit – I have no ASCP distributors (stockists) in my entire state and no one I knew locally had used it. I felt like a pioneer in my own right!

For further information on all of her products and tutorials check out this link below.


I had painted several smaller items, like picture frames and candlesticks, first to get the feel and workability of the paint. Right away I noticed how easy and fun it was. After a trip to one of my favorite local consignment stores, I found what I was looking for – two Bombay style Baker chests that I could use as dresser style night tables on either side of my bed. They were much darker than I wanted, but had such great lines and at a price I couldn’t pass up for all wood construction. With inspiration from several bloggers, views of a few tutorials, and all the items needed, I began this creative process!

Here is the before look…


Like I said, they weren’t bad, but just not the color and look I was envisioning. Plus, I really wanted pieces to paint that didn’t cost me a fortune in case I messed up!



This is what I did…

  •  Applied 1 coat of ASCP Pure White first. Let dry
  • Applied 2 coats Paris Grey. Let dry between each coat
  • Lightly sanded over all with a fine grit sanding block
  • Used heavier sanding in areas of distressing
  • Vacuumed piece to remove all the dust
  •  Followed with 1 coat of ASCP Clear Wax. Let dry
  • Applied 1 coat of ASCP Dark Wax in various places and directions
  • Applied 1 final coat of Clear Wax and gave her a buff.

It sounds like a lot of work, but the dry time is quick, and the transformation is almost instantaneous, so it makes the process a lot of fun.


As far as the handles went, they were originally a bright brass. I sprayed them with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, let them dry, gave a dry brush coat of Paris Grey, and then followed with a coat of  ASCP Clear Wax.


And here she is – given her new look…



The rest of the bedroom is another story. It’s on the “to do” list for 2015, along with dozens of other items! Since then, I have painted two more pieces of furniture with ASCP – a buffet/cabinet and a farm table.  I’m learning with each piece.

I love this girlie paint!


4 thoughts on “This Girl and Girlie Paint

  1. ***very*** nicely done!
    here’s tip for future distressing: wet a sponge that has a rough side. squeeze out excess water then distress your piece using the rough side of the sponge. no chalky residue! 🙂

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