These Shoes Were Made For Walking…

What is it about getting outside on a warm day in January, taking a brisk walk, and having the heat of the winter’s sun gently infuse your back, that does a heart good? All the more today, as I share my path with a dear old friend. She’s a kindred heart. We walk, we talk, we laugh and pray. Heading… Continue reading These Shoes Were Made For Walking…


Reflecting Beauty

This quote has always caught my interest as I have seen it floating around Pinterest and various places on the Internet. That’s because, in every aspect of my life, this is what I want to do too! In the fall of 2013, I took this photo not of the sky, but of water, which was clearly reflecting the whirling cloud… Continue reading Reflecting Beauty

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This Girl and Girlie Paint

Have you tried your hand at “girlie paint” yet?  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that is, or ASCP, as it is commonly called among DIYers. It’s not your run of the mill paint, but wonderfully smooth and workable. It puts creativity in your hands and gives you various options with each stroke of the brush.  There are no VOCs, no… Continue reading This Girl and Girlie Paint


Seeking: A Fresh Start

A new year, the first day, a clean slate. There is something about beginnings that gives us a breath of fresh air. It’s like inhaling deeply the thin crispness of clean mountain air or opening the door to see a blanket of purest white crystals refreshing everything with clarity and beauty. This year is composed… Continue reading Seeking: A Fresh Start